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Justin Sip Custom Guns, Inc. is owned and operated by Justin Sip.  The gun shop is in Toquerville, which is located in the corner of Southwest Utah.  Justin has been building guns since 1990.  He started his career at the age of 19 working at Bullberry Barrel Works, Ltd.  He started out as a stock builder, but he was a quick learner and began barrel making as well.  Under the guidance of Fred Smith, the owner, he learned the aspects of running an excellent gun company.  He began traveling with Fred to gun shows and answering phone calls in the shop.  He soon discovered that he liked working one on one with the customers.  Fred was a great man to work for, and Justin will always be grateful to him, but as young men will do, he decided he could do it better on his own and decided to start his own company.  He was with Bullberry until 1998 when he and some partners started a company, Virgin Valley Custom Guns, LLC.

Virgin Valley Custom Guns, LLC specialized in Contenders and Encores.  Eventually they began building Bolt Action and other Single Shot Rifles.  Justin supervised and worked in the wood shop, but also has his hand in operating all other sides of the business.  He turned barrels, machined parts, worked on prototypes, talked with the customers, and built the more custom orders.  Things went well for about 4 years, but as we all know, partnerships don’t always work.  So the only partner he has now is his wife!

He took a break from gun building for a few years and worked construction for his brother.   During this time he continued to think about gun building. He had a lot of ideas and designs of his own that he wanted to build.  In February, 2007, he had opportunity to start his own company.   For lack of a better name, he named it Justin Sip Custom Guns, Inc.

Justin decided to keep his new company small and work one-on-one with each customer, making each gun to exact specifications.  While he still builds Encores and Contenders, he is specializing in bolt guns, falling blocks, break opens, and anything else that goes bang.  He can make just about anything that is legal.

Everything he makes is custom.  He does all the work himself, nothing is outsourced.   He talks with the customer to determine their ideas and needs, and designs a gun that meets their specifications.  Each gun begins with blueprinting the action and installing top quality barrels.  After the rough metal work is done, he starts on the stock.  Each stock is individually inletted on a milling machine to exactly fit that barrelled action.  He doesn’t use a pantograph for inletting or shaping so that he can make any stock design the customer wants.  All stocks are pillar and glass bed with fiberglass reinforcement.  Then it’s time for the detail work.  In the end, you get a gun built to your exact specifications.  A real work of art!

Justin Sip Custom Guns, Inc. is a big supporter of Safari Club International.  He also supports the NRA and the Wild Sheep Federation.