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postheadericon Sako 221 Rem

This rifle was a very fun project.  Thy client that I built it for let me design most of it on my own.  He had a few things that he wanted and let me do the rest.  I started with a little Sako action in 222 Rem.  Of coarse all I kept was the action and not all of that.  I sent the action to Ed La Pour for one of his three position safeties.  He did a wonderful job in installing it.  I then machined down the old tapered scope mounts and welded on material to machine into double square bridge mounts.  I have to admit that they turned out great.  Then I machined down a Shilen blank and turned it into a tapered octagon barrel, it is 22″ long and has a 1-14″ twist.  The muzzle measures .520 across the flats at the muzzle, pretty light.  The stock is a piece of California Claro Black Walnut exhibition grade, I cut this piece with Gordon from Old Tree Gun Blanks.  It was a small blank so I thought it would be great on this rifle.  I pillar bed it with reinforcing fiberglass in the barrel channel, my standard procedure.  It has a real classic stock design with a few upgrades.  I build my stocks with higher combs and a little more pistol grip.  I feel that this design helps the rifle fit better and the scope lines up and the shooter does not have to search for the cross hairs.  The checkering pattern is a nice Fleur De Lis pattern with a ribbon, it is cut to 22 LPI.  The stock is hand rubbed oil and finish to a satin luster.  The rear sling stud is one that I build in the shop.  I designed it for two reasons, one is that when you shoot of the bags it does not hang up, and the second is when you are in the field without your sling it does not snag on anything.  Like the front stud on the barrel standard sling swivels fit them.  I machined the front stud to fit the octagon barrel and soft soldered it on.  The engraving was done by Gary Griffiths in Idaho.  He sent me several different sketches and I forwarded them on to my client for approval.  He does this for me on every project that is getting engraved.  The engraving is deep re-leaf with a German type scroll.

I know that this discription is a little long but there is a lot of aspects to this rifle.  I hope that you like these pictures.


Thanks  Justin